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  • Fe Robinson

Where will you walk this National Walking Month?

In May we celebrate National Walking Month, at a time when the nation has been walking far more in the last year than previously might have been the case.

There is an ancient tradition of walking a labyrinth which is used by many different faiths for spiritual centering and contemplation. I recall when I was doing my original psychotherapeutic training in NLP I would walk the labyrinth in the grounds at Whalley’s Station House, allowing whatever it was that needed to come forwards to express itself as I slowly stepped along the serpentine path from edge to centre and back again.

Walking is motion, it moves us forward, step by step. However stuck we may feel, if we are bodily able, we can walk. And we should. As you move your body, your mind moves too. Each step brings a different perspective as what you see and where you see it from shifts.

Whenever you feel restless, or stuck, or unsure or emotional this month, go for a walk. Seek out newness, difference, familiarity and comfort. Go to places that challenge and places that reassure. Walk forwards, and find the right path to explore whatever you are experiencing right now.


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