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  • Fe Robinson

What do you most want to appreciate when you eat?

Saying a mealtime blessing is a practice shared by many spiritual and religious traditions. I sense there are good reasons for that. We eat several times a day. We often eat with other people. It’s a time when we are taking in nourishment and nurture, looking after ourselves and each other. You might say it’s a blessing in itself to be able to eat.

The frequency of mealtimes make them a perfect time to take a moment to reflect on what is important. Just a few seconds pause, noticing what you appreciate, several times a day, can be really grounding and begin to counter-balance troubling thought patterns and difficult emotions.

Why not give some thought to what you want to appreciate and give thanks for when you eat? Sunlight? Nature? Friends and family? Kind things people have done for you today? There’s not a right answer, just an answer that is good for you. I’d love to hear what you come up with.


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