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What do you love most about yourself?

I've been reflecting on themes of self acceptance in recent weeks, and happened across this poem which I wrote many years ago when first introduced to the idea that I, like everyone, was made up of a community of different parts. The journey to self-love was long and hard, but the start of it was a revelation to me back then. The poem raised a smile, and I wanted to share it.

What do you most love about yourself? And what have you yet to embrace?


I love me when I’m happy

and full of joyful song

I love me when I’m nonchalant

my thoughts just float along

I love me when I’m feeling sad

when nothing feels OK

I love the way I pick me up

and choose a better way

I love me when I’m fizzy

I love me when I’m fun

I love me when I’m laughing

glowing like the sun

I love me when I’m pensive

looking deep inside

I love the mournful way I muse

and find somewhere to hide

I love me when I flash with rage

My anger raw to see

I love my full on passion too

the way I let it be

I love my own frustration

I love my sense of peace

I love the way I ground me

and let myself release

I love me when I’m playful

and when I’m wicked too

I love me when I’m sexy

I love me when I’m rude

I love the way I live my life

intensity abounds

And when that means I rain at times

I even love my clouds

I love the way I love me

I love me when I’m kind

I love my fierceness and my fun

my tenderness inside

So what do others love in me?

Who really gives a shit?

What really counts is what I feel

and I love every bit

Fe Robinson, 2009

For support in sponsoring the parts of yourself with which you struggle, email me at or leave a message on my confidential answerphone on 0191 3720318.


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