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  • Fe Robinson

What are your weeds?

I have a big patch of clover in my back garden. It’s quite prominent, and just now it’s beginning to flower. Beautiful.

The thing is, numerous people have commented, with much shaking of heads and sucking in of teeth. Urgh…weeds.

It has made me smile to notice yet again that the difference between a flower and a weed really is a judgement. To me a weed is something growing that not only is not intended to be there, but also is in the way of other plants thriving that I want to enable. I didn’t plant the clover, but the bees love it, and I love the bees. So, to me, a beautiful, welcome addition to the bio-diversity of my garden, and definitely not a weed!

Perspective is such an important concept. We experience the world based on our own filters, our beliefs, assumptions, and ideals. Isn’t it wonderful that we all differ. We all experience things in our own unique way, and that diversity of perspective enriches us all.

I’ll keep smiling at the different interpretations of my clover, and try and stay mindful that everything I see, hear, and feel is as much me as it is anything outside of me. It’s the same for all of us, and difference is a wonderful opportunity to explore and learn.

What differences do you have with those around you that might help you learn about your own perspectives and values?


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