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  • Fe Robinson

Weekend notes

I found this poem I wrote in 2011 today, and felt moved to share it. In my recent reorganisation I have created a music and meditation room in my house, and am revelling in the permanent space for spiritual and creative practice. I wish you a weekend of creative flow, and of discovery of yourself in the process!

Notes flow

Mellifluous cascades of serenity

Spill forth

Inspiring and unstoppable

They speak the volumes of my heart

Thoughtful, poignant

Passionate and expressive

It is as if the blue touch paper has been lit

And the light within me shines without end

Fuelled by a sea of emotion

My heart sings

Giving voice to my energy,

crossing miles with my spirit

Waves of sentiment ripple, sharing my inner peace

For, I feel eternal

Neither created nor destroyed

My energy will endure

I will endlessly play out the rhythms of my heart

In a siren song so pure

It will reach the open ears of soul mates

And, in it's inflexions and nuances

I will discover who I truly am

Fe Robinson, 2011


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