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  • Fe Robinson

I wouldn’t have seen it if I didn’t believe it!

I saw this saying recently and its pithy truth made me smile. We each have many beliefs, some of which we are aware of. Many run unnoticed outside our awareness, and yet inform and influence our way of being in the world, and our actions.

The only purpose of a belief is to prove itself right. Beliefs act as filters, letting in information that supports and reinforces them, and filtering out information that does not. You need only look at a social media feed to know that we move towards what we think about and have a tendency to surround ourselves with thought and feeling that is like our own.

Another example is when you decide to move house, or buy a new car. All of a sudden there are cars of the type you want all over the place, and for sale signs aplenty. They were there before, they were just not relevant, and so they did not get flagged as significant.

It’s a good discipline to notice what makes us feel comfortable, and what leaves us less at ease. To question why that is. To reveal which of our beliefs and assumptions just got prodded, and whether the right thing is to discount what we have noticed, or whether we need to be open to exploring and potentially updating what we have held to be true.

Humans are meaning making machines, and the meaning we make matters. Challenging yourself as to how x means z, or how a leads to b can expand your horizons, and leave you with more options and choice as you navigate life. It may also enrich your relationships and expand your opportunities for growth and change.

So, next time you notice yourself on auto-pilot, just check in with what you are holding to be true, and notice what other information is out there. After all, there is always more.


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