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  • Fe Robinson

How do trauma treatments heal?

I heard a very helpful description of trauma treatment recently from Justin Havens, Psychotherapist.

When we are traumatised, all the good stuff in our lives is at a distance, i’ts hard to access. The bad stuff, the troubling, disturbing stuff, is front and central. Trauma treatment is made up of processes that reverse this, they make the good stuff accessible, and the previously traumatic stuff moves away.

The brain naturally performs this process every night, in Rapid Eye Movement sleep. When a traumatic event happens, 80% of the time it is resolved naturally through this process. In the other 20% of cases, this natural process has somehow been disturbed and disrupted, and our dreams don’t get completed. This means the trauma stays unresolved and keeps coming up as if it were here and now. We may have nightmares as part of the trauma symptoms.

If this is happening to you, you don’t need to keep suffering it. There are approaches that can help your brain to use your innate healing abilities to process the trauma. If you want to find out more, then get in touch.


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