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  • Fe Robinson

How are you feeling about your body this summer?

In the middle of the holiday season, body image is a theme that is present for lots of people. I notice the focus so often is on what our looks like, and so often people find themselves lacking, particularly when compared to the idealised images that fill the media and social media.

An enquiry I like to prompt when people are finding body image challenging is around what our bodies actually do. What is it that your body literally does? What does your physical form enable? For some people the focus might be on the miracle of bringing forth life. For others it may be sports or leisure pursuits that are meaningful. For others connection with nature and noticing the rhythm and cycles of their body that brings meaning.

We are not ornaments. Bodies don’t exist only to look a certain way. We ARE our bodies, they are us, there is no separation or divide. Our physical form gives rise to consciousness, to the ability to even reflect on what and who we are.

If body image is a painful aspect of living for you just now, you may want to kindly, gently, reflect on your relationship with your physicality. There may be much that sits beyond awareness that you can bring into consciousness that may be useful. If you need support with finding an enabling connection with yourself, do please seek help, you do not need to suffer with it alone.


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