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  • Fe Robinson

Having a brew this Blue Monday

Today is thought to be Blue Monday, the combination of short days, poor weather and the aftermath of the festive season with the distance to spring lowering mood and increasing risk of harm for those feeling most vulnerable.

The Samaritans call is Brew Monday instead, and use it as an opportunity to reach out to other people and connect. Have a cuppa, do a video call, telephone, go for a walk…whatever feels OK for you, but in whatever way works reach out to people you love, people you know, people who you have contact with and you don’t know e.g. your barista or shop assistant, and those who may be alone that you can brighten up the day for.

Mental health is not an isolated thing. We share a collective field of energy, we are an interdependent society, our actions impact each other. Today’s a day to remember that, to empathise, and to make a difference.

Who are you going to reach out to? And who else? And just one more person?


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