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  • Fe Robinson

Finding solace in nature

Sat here looking at the magnificent trees across the road from my therapy room, a moment ago I acknowledged the grace and presence of nature they represent. Then, opening my emails, I found a thought for the day which is all about the grounding nature of being with a mature tree. The synchronicity made me smile.

As I sat here feeling rooted to the spot, I acknowledged how lucky I am to work in a building 120 years old, with period features that somehow offer a steadiness and grounding to the therapeutic work I do. I’ve felt the stability of this place in the few short weeks since I started working here, already my therapy room has a wonderful energy about it, full of healing potential.

Both the trees and the house have seen much drama come and go, and they are still standing, quietly doing what they do regardless. Both offer a potent reminder of the power of earthing, and being connected to our own nature. We are at our best when we are ourselves, calmly and steadily standing in our own presence and offering our uniqueness to the world we inhabit.

The trees don’t try to please anyone. They don’t change their nature or way of being to fit in. The house doesn’t either. They just are, unashamedly. There is much to be learned from matter, both animate like the trees, and inanimate like the house. Everything has its own energy and presence, just like you or I. Tapping into that and standing in your own power is a recipe for good living.

I’ll be heading over the road to Darlington’s Green Park at lunchtime to spend some time with those trees, breathing in their wonderful anti-inflammatory chemicals, and just feeling the timelessness of their being there.

I hope you find some solace from nature in the day to day of your life. Where are your favourite spots that are easy to access?

tree lined path
Being under trees is literally good for your health


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