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  • Fe Robinson

Drawing on strengths in adversity

Many people are finding the current health situation extremely challenging. Uncertainty about what is going to happen, fear about loved ones and our own health, and concerns about the financial impact of our attempts collectively to contain and slow the virus are a potent combination.

In the face of this unprecedented challenge, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and a bit lost. We can become focused on what we don’t know, what we can’t do, and what is beyond our control. All of this is important to acknowledge and make space for, this is not an easy time to live through.

And yet, we have each faced challenging times in our lives in different ways before today. We have inner resources, strength and resilience that can help us through this situation. They do not make it OK, granted, but we do best we can in any situation when we remember what we can do, and bring our skills and strengths to the fore.

So take a few moments to pause and reflect on other difficult times in life. What helped you through them? What did you learn about yourself? What skills did you show? How did you maintain your resilience? How can you apply that learning here and now?

As well as relying our own resourcefulness, it’s important to draw on the social networks we have to both enjoy, and offer support. Whether electronically or in person, we can connect, and when we do, we bring and experience moments of meaning and pleasure.

Wishing everyone very well through this difficult time. Wishing you health and well-being both emotionally and physically.


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