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  • Fe Robinson

Authenticity is key to happy relationships

Being authentic is the key to a happy intimate relationship.  You do not need to pretend to be anything you are not.  You will thrive in relationships when you are valued for being yourself.  It’s important to retain a sense of your own identity as you deepen relationships of any kind so that you continue to be yourself as you also work out the shape of your relationship dynamic. 

People often tell me that one of my strengths as a psychotherapist is that I am real with them.  I’m me, no holes barred, and that enables them to be more and more of themselves too, without shame or inhibition.  

It’s not that I talk about me, I don’t, I’m a therapist and sessions are all about my clients.  What I do do is show up fully in the room as much as I can energetically.  I am transparent and honest about what I notice and experience, and that means that my clients and I can enter into a meaningful and deep rapport, both with each other and within ourselves.

If being yourself and not adapting to those around you has been a struggle for you, psychotherapy may help.  Having a space where it is all about you can be very useful in enabling you to work out what is you, and what is not, and that can be a liberation.

We are all quirky, unique individuals. We may all need to learn how to navigate social situations with grace and poise, but we also need to find ways to be free to express who and what we are, and to bring the best of our presence to the situations in our lives.

For psychotherapy in person in Darlington, or online across the UK, get in touch on 01325 467042 or at  You can also find out more here.

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