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  • Fe Robinson

Are you expressing yourself honestly?

Need a good rant? Worried it might not be good for you? You’re not alone. Often, people have been brought up with unrecognised rules about the importance of not moaning, or of the need to hold anything unpleasant or uncomplimentary inside. Clients often apologise for ‘complaining’ when they are expressing what has been difficult for them.

Self-expression is important, and valuable. Having a daily outlet where you are able to give voice to what you think and feel is essential to well-being. Journalling, drawing, playing an instrument, doesn’t matter what the form is, its about externalising your experience so that it can flow out of you and be released.

It’s important to note the difference between this inner processing, and acting out your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes others do need to know how you feel, and issues do need to be sorted out. It is generally wise to approach these important conversations from a place of having first fully felt, discharged and processed your reactions, leaving you able to respond and be present as you address what needs your attention.

There is nothing wrong with feelings. None of them. They are not good or bad, they are just messages from our bodymind system signalling what we experience. When you don’t judge them but instead welcome them as delivery people, they can begin to easily and more rapidly fulfil their function and flow.

What do you need to be honest with yourself about just now? How will you explore this more fully?


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