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  • Fe Robinson

Are you caught up on sleep?

Yesterday was the Festival of Sleep Day, a final opportunity to get some shut eye before today’s return to work after the festive season.

It raises an important point really, about balance. Rest and recuperation are important, and they are not always consistent with a time of year that can busy and hectic. So many expectations, so much to fit in, and this year so much of it heavy on the eye and online.

If you didn’t have the downtime over the holidays to step back and rest, I hope this first week of work can be a gentle re-introduction to structure and rhythm, and you find space to be with the mid-winter and the natural slowing down and stepping back that comes with it.

Why not find a regular five minutes to sit still, and notice what you can hear around you. Ideally, do it outdoors, but if not, take in the many sounds of the building you are in without ascribing them meanings or interpretations, just be with the experience of the sound.

Or, sit yourself in a different seat, and notice the changed aspect and perspective of looking at a room from a different angle. What do you notice from here?

Rest doesn’t have to be hours or days of downtime, although that too is often useful and welcome. Small pauses go a long way. How will you rest within your working day today?


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