Testimonials for Fe Robinson

To protect client confidentiality no names have been used on this page.  For further information about how I can support you please get in touch.

"Thank you for all the help you gave to my son.  He is happy and excited about his future, hard to believe how far he has come over the last 6 months."

"Thank you for your support and guidance in supervision.  It has been an important part of my settling in to my new job."

"Thank you for helping and guiding me towards putting my demons to bed.  I will be forever grateful.  Time for the next chapter..."

"Thank you for all your help and kindness over the past few weeks.  I have to admit I was both nervous and skeptical about undergoing psychotherapy but I have found it so helpful and life changing for me.  Thanks for all your patience, understanding and wisdom."

“Working with Fe has made such an impact on my life. In just three sessions she set me free from my fears and the results in both my personal and business life have been incredible. I have so much positivity and confidence now, combined with tools and skills to keep me focused and moving forward. Working with Fe is one of the best things I’ve ever done!”

”Working with Fe to develop my own personal timeline was an enlightening experience. Fe created a relaxed environment enabling me to connect with my inner self and deepen my understanding concerning my perceptions, and the emotions I hold, regarding my past, present and future.   It was a profound, awareness raising experience that has had a strong  impact on me personally and enabled me to move to a more positive state of mind about negative areas I was previously unaware existed.”  

“I’m getting far more out of our sessions than I would have ever thought. I keep wondering why I didn’t do it years ago.” 

“Thank you for your fantastic support. Your coaching and encouragement had a significant impact on my working life. I was able to explore ideas and consider options that previously I hadn’t contemplated or avoided talking about. I am much more confident and happier in my role.” 

“I have found the coaching from Fe invaluable. I now have a much better understanding of my own personal make up. I have learned techniques which enable me to create short term boosts, and tools to bring about long term changes to support my personal objectives”  

"With Fe's help I realised that I could change, and manage, all those things that were affecting my life.  Now, everything is organised, I'm achieving much more in less time, I'm no longer stressed, angry or frustrated, in fact I'm excited and focused on my future.  My personal and family life are back on track, I've achieved or bettered all my work KPIs for this year, and I've received a promotion as a result."

“My Coach demonstrated a personal commitment which initially surprised me but which I have valued enormously. She has encouraged me and supported me to enter areas that I previously felt uncomfortable with which cut to the very root of my personal beliefs and values and which have really opened my eyes to aspects which have in the past limited my delivery and growth.”

“I feel I have a more rounded approach to the need to create balance and harmony in all aspects of life in order to achieve greater success all round. Coaching also obliged me to stop and assess the value or otherwise I bring to the business. I am excessively self-critical which I had thought was a key strength – I can now recognise that as a limiting factor.”

 "I worked with Fe at a particularly difficult stage in my career.  She helped me to clarify my thoughts and gave me the confidence to think about what I wanted rather than what everyone around me expected me to want.  This allowed me to focus and take the initiative.  Fe gave me the space to express my concerns and fears both professionally and personally.  Through this process I was able to prepare for the next stage of my career and to gain control of the situation.  Fe was fantastic at supporting me when I was struggling to make sense of events and allowed me to recognise my worth and value.  On a practical note she prepared me very well for interview and was honest yet supportive throughout.  Fe quickly made sense of a complicated set of circumstances and I felt connected and engaged from our first session."