Your Body Speaks Your Mind

by Fe Robinson


 I find the interplay between physical and psychological experiencing fascinating.  It seems to me that one goes with the other, as I enquire into client experience I find that symptoms most often have components both physical and psychological.

For this reason I love Deb Shapiro's Your Body Speaks Your Mind. It's a reference book of physical symptoms and potentially fruitful lines of enquiry psychologically to uncover more of what is happening.

I find time and again that if I explore gently and lightly with clients the questions Shapiro poses there is a resonance, something new comes to light or a different perspective is embodied.  

Next time you have a physical symptom, as well as looking for and alleviating physical causes, why not pause and reflect on what your body is telling you through your felt experience. What are you not noticing? What is it bringing to attention? How is it seeking to influence you?

Your body speaks your mind, your mind expresses your body, the metaphor of two separate things - body and mind - may be far wide of the mark.

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