Who's voice matters to you most?

by Fe Robinson


There is SO much information out there.  So many opinions and perspectives.  With apps and social media, we can be continually plugged in, always taking in what other people think.  External perspectives can be enriching, and useful.  Challenge matters, it stops us becoming stuck in our own ways of thinking and helps us to appreciate there are many perspectives, each true to the person who believes them.

On the other hand, sometimes there is so much stimulation that we lose touch with our own insides.  When you can no longer hear your own, inner, still small voice of calm, it’s time to stop and check in.  Inside, we have our unique way of embodying our experience.  We each eave feelings that tell us what is, and is not right.  When you can no longer feel that inner guidance, when you begin to doubt or mis-trust yourself, then it is time to refocus.

The most important voice in your life is your own.  You are not perfect.  You make mistakes.  You do daft things and sometimes hurt yourself or others.  But, flawed as you are, you remain the best guide to what you need and want, and to what is good to do.  So much of my therapeutic work is about helping people reconnect with themselves.  Your relationship with you is one that is worth investing in, like any other relationship it is not automatic and it can’t be taken for granted.

So, what makes your heart sing?  Where are you most like you?  With whom do you come alive and feel free?  Notice how your energy moves as you go about your days, and listen up.  Most often, all you need to know is already there inside to be shared, if only we tune in.

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