Routine and Rhythm are key to changing habits

by Fe Robinson


Ever tried to start doing something you know will be good for you, only to find your efforts fizzle out in a matter of weeks and you feel worse than before you tried?

If so, you are far from alone. This is a common experience when working to put in place new habits.

One thing you can do to make change easier is to create yourself a new routine. Say you want to begin meditating regularly, knowing that it will help you get into a deeper rapport with yourself and in time will increase your balance and resilience.  

To give yourself the best chance, I recommend you pick a consistent point in your daily routine for your new habit.  For example, first thing after getting up, as soon as you get home from work, straight after tea, last thing before sleep. 

Hooking your new habit into your existing routine will make it easier to do. Yes, it will still take 3-4 weeks of doing it every day whether you feel like it or not before it feels 'normal', but when you have a rhythm to it this process happens more easily. You do not need to make a choice each day about when to fit your practice in, it just becomes what you do at that point in your day.

This advice goes for any new self-supporting habit - exercise, yoga, journalling, painting - whatever you are adding to increase your wellbeing, give yourself a head start by using routine and rhythm.

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