Do you need a change of perspective?

by Fe Robinson


I did something different today. Nothing radical, just a step out of my normal routine, taking the opportunity for a treat lunch and short shopping trip while I was in a different city for a meeting.  I was surprised to notice how much it affected my mood and the way I saw things. 

As I walked back to the station I found myself noticing small details; the sunlight on the river, the pinks and oranges of the sky, the bare shapes of leafless trees, the warmness of my woolly hat.  I was left feeling moved and inspired, and really thankful that I had stepped out of my usual routine.

So why is it that a change of routine can have such a powerful effect? At one level, I was doing something for myself rather than for others, and that itself is energizing.  At the same time, something deeper was happening.

When we are in our usual routine, we think we know what to expect. We look for all the things that are the same as normal, and we can operate on auto-pilot as a result.

When we step out of the usual, we do not have the same cues to look out for. We are forced to wake up and look afresh, we are seeing different things, and we also see in a different way. 

We can use this to our advantage. If you feel dull, stuck in a rut, or bored, then change your perspective. Don't sit in your normal chair, sit in a different one. Don't take your usual walking route, go some place else. Eat something different. Do things at different times of day to normal. 

You don't need to be radical, you just need enough difference to wake you up.  And then notice what you notice. Notice how it feels inside. Pay attention to the small stuff. Be aware of how you are experiencing both yourself and your surroundings. I don't know what will happen, but Io know it will be something new and different to your normal responses.  Enjoy!

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